Cruising Indonesia Luxury Yacht Charter

Are you planning an exploring Indonesia luxury yacht charter? If so, a trip on board El Aleph gives you the freedom to sail where you want, when you want, in unparalleled luxury and comfort. You’ll have an exclusive experience with the privacy that a standard liveaboard or cruise cannot afford. El Aleph is the perfect way to escape, discover and explore Indonesia.


indonesia luxury yacht charter


Indonesia Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations

The Indonesian archipelago comprises of approximately 17,500 islands, which cover an area that is in excess of 5,000 kilometres long and stretch from mainland South East Asia in the west to Papua New Guinea in the east. Indonesia’s islands are among some of the most stunning in the world; from tiny tropical islets fringed with palm trees and white sand beaches to huge lands that support lush mountainous rain forests, rugged volcanic peaks and fertile rice fields. Indonesia’s coastline is estimated at around 80,000 kilometres, which exceeds that of any other nation by far.

Here are a selection of our favourite Indonesia luxury yacht charter destinations. These destinations feature some of Indonesia’s best dive sites and snorkeling spots, rich culture, stunning scenery, idyllic beaches and incredible marine and wildlife.

Cruise Bali:

Known as the “Island of the Gods” Bali is only a small part of Indonesia but it has undoubtedly one of the biggest personalities. From lively, colorful dance displays to peaceful and serene meditation there is something about Bali which will inspire everyone. Bali’s wealth of natural beauty ranges from dramatic volcanoes to picture postcard white sand beaches. Yachting around Bali is perfect for diving, snorkeling and soaking up the picturesque coastline. Nusa Penida Island offers vibrant reefs, manta rays and seasonal mola; visit the USAT Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben; explore clear waters and vibrant corals in Padang Bai and stunning walls and drop offs surrounding Menjangan Island. Venture inland for white water rafting, traditional dance displays and ceremonies, majestic temples, rolling rice terraces and Mount Agung volcano.



Cruise Sulawesi:

Surrounded by some of Indonesia’s deepest waters Sulawesi’s fertile lands, which are rich with diverse flora and fauna, make this among the most naturally beautiful and bountiful of lands in the Indonesian Archipelago. A private yacht cruise around Sulawesi will take you around the stunning southern “Wakatobi” islands and their world class reefs, white sand beaches and small traditional water villages. Gorontalo in central Sulawesi is renowned for whale shark sightings – snorkeling with these gentle giants is an experience of a lifetime. Cruising North Sulawesi gives you access to the islands of the Bunaken Marine Park which is ideal for diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking and paddle boarding. Travel further north to the remote, tropical islands of Talaud or onwards to the Lembeh Strait which is famous for it’s rare and unique marine life. Cruising on board El Aleph is unlike any other Sulawesi liveaboard, enjoy this incredible area by private charter and choose your own destinations, itinerary and schedule.



Cruise Raja Ampat:

From tropical beaches with crystal clear lagoons, lush green rain forest and mangrove coastlines to towering rock pinnacles the diversity of nature is nowhere more apparent than in Raja Ampat . This remote archipelago is the world’s epicentre of marine biodiversity. Cruising Raja Ampat on your own private yacht, El Aleph, will sail you around the hundreds of uninhabited idyllic islands that form this heaven on earth destination. Snorkeling and diving in Raja Ampat as known as being the richest on earth. Manta rays, sharks, turtles, schools of densely packed fish and kaleidoscopic reefs which are bursting with life. Get away from it all with your friends and loved ones on board El Aleph in Raja Ampat.



Cruise Komodo:

Welcome to the Land of the Dragons! Komodo  promises adventure and there is no better way to experience this UNESCO World Heritage site than by an exclusive charter cruise on board your own private yacht. Sail around the islands of Komodo, Rinca, and Padar; explore uninhabited islands; walk on pristine beaches and swim in the rich waters of the Komodo National Park. Snorkeling and diving sites are among the best in Indonesia with schooling fish, manta rays, sharks and predators hunting in the nutrient rich water. Colorful coral reefs and staggering topographies will leave you spellbound. Trekking and hiking is excellent and the views from the peaks are staggering. Take time to see the endemic Komodo Dragon – the largest species of monitor lizard in the world.



The Benefits of Cruising by an Indonesia Luxury Yacht Charter

This is only a selection of the possibilities available. Other areas which are excellent for cruising in Indonesia include the Banda Sea the Spice Islands  and the Forgotten Islands , Halmahera and Triton Bay.

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