The Komodo National Park – a remote, spectacularly beautiful part of the Indonesian archipelago just two days sailing from Bali – is famous for its wildlife, both on land and in the sea. The Park consists of 29 arid islands with a total population of just 4,000. Komodo and Rinca islands are perhaps best known for the Komodo dragon – the world’s largest land reptile, growing to three metres in length. A short trek will allow you to encounter the Dragon in its remote savannah habitat, or we can approach to within just a few meters on our zodiacs. Komodo island also teems with monkeys, water buffalo, and numerous tropical birds.

Underwater, the park is amazingly rich in marine life, making it among of the world’s top dive-sites –  from easy, sheltered dives across pristine coral reefs, to the fierce currents and effusion of marine life of Batu Bolong.

Whilst there are standard boat charters widely available in Komodo, El Aleph offers this destination as part of wider voyages around the Savu Sea or on to Bali. Spend a few days savouring this unique habitat, or much longer enjoying the amazing diving/snorkelling, lunar landscapes and Australasian fauna, far from the madding crowds. Contact us to find out more about our charters in Komodo National Park.