Diving in Indonesia

diving in indonesia

Situated at the heart of the Coral Triangle – the Indonesian Archipelago forms the world’s longest island chain, stretching all the way from Northern Malaysia to Papua New Guinea, just up from Central Australia.

Fed by deep oceanic upwellings and currents, the 17.500 islands are among the world’s top destinations for diving with the greatest marine biodiversity on earth – from tiny Pygmy Seahorses to gigantic Oceanic Mantas and Whale sharks, lush coral reefs to critter-filled sandy bays.

Raja Ampat, Komodo, Wakatobi, the amazing Ambon – mythical names for divers and snorkelers alike.

Diving in Indonesia from land based operations is extremely limiting, with the numerous dive sites spread out across the ocean, spotty transport routes, and spartan land-based accommodations, El Aleph offers the chance to explore diving in Indonesia in style, aboard your own luxury yacht.

With a cumulative 30 years of experience in diving in Indonesia, our team knows the very best dive spots. We can accommodate every level of diver – from novices out to discover the wonders of the underwater world to hard-core technical divers. Dive sites vary from relaxing sheltered coves alive with a riot of wildly coloured tropical fish to the challenge of diving the roaring currents of Batu Bolong or Alor at full moon.

Charters for Diving in Indonesia

If you are interested in diving in Indonesia with a private yacht charter, we can completely tailor your charter to provide you with a bespoke experience of diving in Indonesia. Whether you want to experience the wonders of Raja Ampat, explore the current swept sites of the Komodo Marine Park, or venture off the grid in the Banda Sea, we can create an itinerary that gives you the best opportunities to see some of Indonesia’s most unique and impressive marine species.

Diving in Indonesia: What we offer

  • Full dive gear available
  • Tanks, weights, and air fills included in charter price
  • Full range of PADI certifications from beginner and try dive experiences upwards
  • Unlimited diving
  • Individual scheduling and dive site selection to fit your preferences
  • Experienced multilingual dive guides
  • Detailed dive site briefings and dive debriefs including marine life ID
  • El Aleph carries emergency oxygen

For more experienced divers:

  • Onboard facilities for underwater photographers including fresh water for cameras, camera storage, charging points
  • Nitrox
  • Sidemount divers catered for
  • Poseidon Rebreathers
  • Trimix (helium) Technical diving

For Groups Diving in Indonesia

For groups of divers who are looking for a more bespoke liveaboard experience while diving in Indonesia, our experienced Cruise Director and dive team will coordinate your dives and work with you pre charter to plan your dive schedule ensuring that you dive at the sites you want to – and they will provide you with additional site suggestions that are literally off the map!


For those who want to experience diving in Indonesia yet don’t want to compromise on the finer things in life, a bespoke cruise onboard el Aleph guarantees exemplary service, luxurious and spacious cabins, privacy, and of course – an incredible adventure from start to finish.

For reservations or enquiries, please contact us using our contact form –  or email us at info@elalephcruising.com; and we will promptly reply.

Please note that we are not a yacht agency — your enquiries will be addressed directly by el Aleph’s owner. All of our charters are custom designed to suit your tastes and interests. For your comfort and privacy, we accept bookings for full boat charter only — not by the cabin.