If you are looking for the best Indonesia snorkeling charter, look no further! The snorkeling that is on offer in the remote tropics that we cruise around Indonesia is nothing short of world-class. Allow el Aleph’s experienced team to guide you to the best reefs and snorkeling spots wherever you choose to cruise with us.

The Coral Triangle

Indonesia is located in the conceptual ‘Coral Triangle” which showcases the highest level of marine biodiversity in the world. Despite covering just 1.5% of the world’s surface, the Coral Triangle is home to 30% of the planet’s coral reefs. 76% of all coral species are found here as well as 6 out of the 7 species of sea turtle. It’s also on the migratory route for multiple species of whales and dolphins.

We can show you endless shallow reefs with truly extravagant multi-coloured fish life, great oceanic mantas lazing peacefully at the surface, and even the enormous, friendly whale sharks – great, slow-moving plankton feeders weighing several tons.

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The Best Indonesia Snorkeling Destinations

There is certainly no shortage of incredible options when it comes to deciding on the best Indonesia snorkeling destinations. The luxury of a private charter is that you can explore so much more of your chosen region – snorkeling whenever you want to. Our team and our zodiac tender are always ready to whisk you and your guests away to the nearest and most impressive corals reefs. Here are a few of what we think are the best Indonesia snorkeling regions:

Komodo Marine Park 

The Komodo Marine Park is a marine protected area – and it shows.  The snorkeling sites here are simply packed with fish and awash with colour. This region is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and offers plenty to do on shore too. 

Best known for its population of over 5,500 Komodo dragons, the islands of Komodo, Padar, Rinca, and the 26 smaller islands that form the park are rugged and wild – this is a place for adventure! 

Komodo offers innumerable tranquil bays and coves that are perfect for snorkelers. Highlights here include the opportunity to snorkel with manta rays and take a swim in the aquamarine waters off Komodo’s famous Pink Beach.

Raja Ampat & Misool

Raja Ampat and the Misool region – including Misool Eco Resort’s no-take zone, are considered to be among the best of the best Indonesia snorkeling regions.

This is the chance to explore the ocean like nowhere else on earth. Marine biomass is beyond belief with fish densely packed into schools, manta rays performing underwater ballets, and corals that are competing for space on the reef.

Raja Ampat was created for sea exploration, the vast region has so much to offer that it simply makes sense to cruise the region to maximize your snorkeling opportunities. The region is also well known for its migrating whale sightings, pods of dolphins, and dugongs. The deck of el Aleph is often where we have the most impressive marine life sightings!

The Banda Sea

The Banda Sea is one of Indonesia’s best kept secrets when it comes to impressive marine life. This lesser-cruised area promises excellent underwater visibility, abundant coral reefs, schooling fish and the chance to swim with alongside migrating whales.

Alor and the Savu Sea

Take a step back in time as you discover the traditional villages and tribal way of life on Alor and its surrounding islands. Not only does Alor deliver one of the best Indonesia snorkeling experiences, it’s a truly magical destination. There’s no doubt that Alor will excite even the most discerning snorkelers and adventurers!

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Luxury Snorkeling Charters

A private charter on board El Aleph assures you of total luxury from start to finish and you’ll be able to choose your cruising route to take in all that you want to see and do. Our dedicated and experienced crew are there to ensure that your luxury private charter is everything you dreamed of and more – whether you want a candlelit dinner on a virgin, white sand beach or a family barbecue under the stars – we’ll make it happen.

El Aleph is fully equipped with sea kayaks, snorkeling and scuba diving equipment, donut ring, bodyboard, water ski’s and more, so there is always plenty to do onboard and in the water when you are not onshore. For those who want to take the cruise at a more relaxed pace, there is nothing better than watching the tropical landscape pass by while enjoying a cocktail on the deck.

If you have a taste for exploring the best Indonesia snorkeling sites and don’t want to compromise on the finer things in life, then a private yacht charter onboard el Aleph guarantees unparalleled service, luxurious and spacious cabins, privacy, and of course – an incredible adventure from start to finish.

For reservations or enquiries, please contact us using our contact form –  or email us at; and we will promptly reply.

Please note that we are not a yacht agency — your enquiries will be addressed directly by el Aleph’s owner. All of our charters are custom designed to suit your tastes and interests. For your comfort and privacy, we accept bookings for full boat charter only — not by the cabin.