Land Excursions

Need a break from the endless marine vistas? Some sand between your toes?

During our land excursions you can try if your sea legs still work on land  as we bring you to pristine, jungle-rimmed white sand beaches where you and yours can relax and build sand-castles, explore, play football with our crew, or just sip drinks in the shade.

We offer memorable beach BBQs with bonfires – with traditional Indonesian musical entertainment provided by our crew (who can, on occasion, also manage “Hotel California”…)

You can explore the traditional Papuan villages of Raja Ampat, swimming along love caves into breathtaking underwater caverns with cathedral ceilings, trek up the volcanos (including some active ones), or enjoy a close but safe encounter with the fearsome Komodo dragons (aboard our dinghy off Rinca Island).

We can offer world-class bird-watching, from the endless array of marine birds, to the elusive Bird of Paradise, deep in the Papuan forest.