El Aleph Gallery

In this El Aleph Gallery, we want to share pictures of the ship, her adventures, the beauty of the underwater world, the stunning topside you will encounter and our guests. If not stated otherwise, the copyrights are with el Aleph

It’s not only our own images that populate our El Aleph Gallery, we have been fortunate enough to host numerous photographers from professionals through to biologists who are photographing for science, underwater photographers, and keen amateurs who simply appreciate having incredible scenery to capture.

There is no shortage of photographic opportunities when cruising Indonesia. From the incredible sunrises and sunsets that bookend each day to the incredible marine life and coral reef photography opportunities for scuba divers and snorkelers travelling with underwater housings. We hope that not only in this El Aleph gallery but throughout our website, you will be mesmerized by the stunning images of this phenomenal region.

For our esteemed guests that enjoy time on land, the nature, landscape scenery, birdlife, and wildlife (often exceptionally rare and endemic species), make for incredible photography subjects.

And let’s not forget about the people who call this archipelago ‘home’. We could more than easily fill the El Aleph Gallery to bursting with pictures of the curious children who have beaming smiles and whose only wish is to have a photo (which they will only ever see on a phone or camera display screen) taken with the strange foreigners who are so intrigued by their humble villages!

Indonesia is, without a shadow of a doubt, a land of colour, intrigue, beauty, and a photographer’s wonderland!

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