Indonesian Cruise Destinations and Cruise Activities

Indonesian cruise destinations onboard El Aleph: Enjoy a private luxury charter aboard the most tastefully extravagant and spacious yacht cruising the Indonesian archipelago and beyond.

Soak Up Rich and Diverse Cultures

An Indonesian cruise onboard El Aleph offers you the opportunity to soak up the rich and diverse Indonesian and South East Asian cultures while enjoying the finest in refinement and luxury.

While cruising the Mediterranean it is all about the land, an Indonesian cruise is all about the sea. Even guests who have “seen it all” and cruised the top global destinations are amazed by the richness and diversity of the Indonesian archipelago – one of the last truly unspoiled marine cruising grounds on earth. A mariner’s paradise, Indonesia cruise adventures offer sheltered cruising in calm tropical waters. The seas are flat, the swell rarely exceeds 1m, and there is always someplace “in season” in the world’s largest island chain, stretching from Australia to Malaysia.

You can choose one of our well-charted itineraries, or we would be delighted to help you customise your Indonesian cruise and create for you the adventure of a lifetime – from the high-life of Bali to the wildlife of Papua New Guinea; from spectacular scuba diving to bird watching on rain forest mountaintops, from spa treatments to exploration of stone age villages, not forgetting some of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs for diving or snorkeling – the choice is yours.

Our Indonesian cruise services are exemplary. A bespoke cruise onboard el Aleph enables our discerning clientele to venture to some of the most remote corners of the archipelago. Leave the land, and other vessels behind as you set sail in lavish, yet tasteful luxury.

Whilst aboard el Aleph your needs will not only be met, they will be exceeded. From our fine dining through to our highly experienced crew and our uncompromising dedication and commitment to ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

Whether you want your Indonesian cruise to focus on complete relaxation and rejuvenation or if you prefer a more active experience we can cater to your needs. El Aleph’s lavish luxury is ideal for those who want nothing more than to go off the grid and enjoy a total break away without compromising on comfort. For adventurers, your Indonesian cruise can include world-class scuba diving or snorkeling on pristine coral reefs, trekking active volcanoes, swimming in the crystal clear pools of waterfalls, discovering virgin white sand beaches, close up encounters with some of the world’s most remarkable wildlife, and ending the day under a starlit sky.

If you have a taste for adventure and don’t want to compromise on the finer things in life, then a tailormade Indonesian cruise onboard el Aleph guarantees unparalleled service, luxurious and spacious cabins, privacy, and of course, memories that will last a lifetime. From el Aleph’s polished teak wood finish, through to her state of the art navigation and communications systems, your Indonesian cruise aboard el Aleph combines grandeur and luxury with authentic Indonesian experiences whilst ensuring safety and confidence.

If you are not sure of a specific route for your Indonesian cruise, we are more than happy to help with suggested itineraries that suit your interests and desired activities. Our Itineraries page also contains examples of recent voyages.

For reservations or enquiries, please contact us using our contact form –  or email us at; and we will promptly reply.

Please note that we are not a yacht agency — your enquiries will be addressed directly by el Aleph’s owner. All of our Indonesian cruise charters are custom designed to suit your tastes and interests. For your comfort and privacy, we accept bookings for full boat charter only — not by the cabin.

Indonesian Cruise Destinations and Activities

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Bali temple with views of the hills and the sea.


The coastline of banda sea spice island with big palm trees, boats and mountains on the other side.

Banda Sea - Spice Islands

Banda islands Indonesia ocean surrounded by hills.

Banda Sea - Forgotten Islands

A sight of a komodo dragon in Indonesian cruises destination.


A Papuan with face colouring and a rattan hat.

Papua New Guinea

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

The diver is wandering in the middle of the sea.


A woman snorkelling with yellow swim fins in the middle of the ocean.


A man with black sunglasses and a white hat enjoying Water sports on Indonesian cruises.

Water Sports & Surfing

A man's hand with a watch holding a fishing rod on the top of a yacht in the middle of the ocean.

Sport Fishing

A whale tail sight in the middle of the ocean.

Whale Watching

Two boys are looking in different directions.

Land Excursions