Bali, the famed Island of the Gods, is an ideal destination to embark on a luxury yacht charter. The coast is rugged, tropical, with fine sandy beaches and inlets. Lush rice fields and the volcanic backdrop offer unforgettable excursions on land…or can be quite comfortably viewed, cocktail in hand, from the decks of the ship. Bali is home to a rich visual culture, incredible monuments and 20,000 temples. There is excellent scuba diving and snorkelling to be found around Bali.

Our top pick in Bali is Amed, located at the Eastern tip and far from the tourist madness of Kuta. You can be engulfed in the lovely ocean view of Bali while relaxing on board El Aleph, yacht charter at its best. Moreover, the waters, shallow and free of the strong oceanic currents of West Bali, are very safe, offering easy snorkelling, diving and swimming. It is easily accessible from Benoa and Serangan, the main ports of Bali.

For two very different cruising experiences within the Indonesian Archipelago we offer luxury charters around Bali or as part of a charter to world-famous Komodo. Contact us for information about our charters and scheduling.