Life Aboard

El Aleph offers unmatched stability and comfort for luxury cruising. If you are looking for the best liveaboard in Indonesia, you may want to consider a private luxury charter and take your cruising experience to the next level and beyond

The Yacht

The first letter of both the Arabic and the Hebrew alphabets, Aleph is the first silent letter forming the names of God in Hebrew, and an important part of mystical amulets and formulas.

“El Aleph” – is also a magical story by the great Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges – a sphere the size of a grapefruit where one can see the entire universe – past – present – and future – from every possible angle.
El Aleph symbolizes the Eastern tradition of the great Buganese Phinisi sailing fleets which traded among the Spice Islands for centuries, but also the endless seas and skies of the Indonesian archipelago.

For those seeking the best liveaboard in Indonesia, El Aleph brings together traditional Phinisi design and 21st century technology, El Aleph was built in Sulawesi, Indonesia as a unique luxury owner’s yacht, finished in tropical hardwoods by Bali’s finest cabinetmakers who spent more than 200,000 man-hours on the final fit-out.

Beautifully handcrafted in 100-year old teak and ironwood with an attention to detail unmatched by any other Phinisi schooner ever built, El Aleph offers you a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating Indonesian archipelago – and beyond – to Thailand, Burma and the Andamans – in luxury and total privacy, far from the crowded marinas and touristic beaches of the standard Asian cruising destinations.

Fine dining at Sea

Yes, everyone promises culinary marvels…but we will surprise you!

Our chef, Agus, has been with us almost since the beginning, and his cooking is simply a delight. Somehow, he has discovered the secret of keeping salads and fruit crispy and fresh weeks out of port. His specialty – fresh, flavour packed and varied Asian fusion – has drawn rave reviews from our charter guests as well as from our very exacting owner who is often aboard for months at a time.

On board the best liveaboard in Indonesia, you can expect great dining. On board el Aleph you’ll enjoy culinary creations worthy (and far beyond) of any luxury five star hotel.

We will check your preferences with you in advance and any requests and special dietary requirements or restrictions will be beautifully catered for.

So Much More….

Even the best liveaboard in Indonesia cannot deliver the experience that you will enjoy onboard el Aleph. The luxury that comes with a private charter is not only about the dining, the lavish surroundings, and the exemplary service, it’s about you and your group doing what you want, when you want, with no compromise.

Our itineraries are tailored specifically to your wants, needs, and preferences. Our crew are masters at operating discreetly to give you complete privacy, yet if you’d like to try sailing with them, they will accommodate your wishes – it’s a lot of fun for all sailing enthusiasts and children love the opportunity to sail on a real life pirate ship. These experiences and memories are just not available on even the best liveaboard in Indonesia. If you’d like a more bespoke cruise onboard el Aleph, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Best Liveaboard in Indonesia