Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, Indonesia’s neighbour and towards the adventurous East, is a mystical world rich in culture, history and wildlife. This is one of few destinations on the planet where you can still truly go off the beaten track. 

As remote as any place on earth, and with deep tribal roots, Papua New Guinea is today the most culturally diverse country on earth and has over 850 Indigenous languages. Vast, dense, tropical rain forest cover the Island’s mountainous interior which is where you’ll find endemic species and spectacular landscapes. Papua New Guinea is culturally unique and it’s a melting pot of a variety of regional traditions and ways of life – which are not mirrored anywhere else.

Where is Papua New Guinea?



Papua New Guinea, or as it is more commonly referred to “PNG”, is officially known as the “Independent State of Papua New Guinea” and it is an Oceanian country that occupies the space to the north of Australia and the east of the Indonesian province of West Papua, which it borders. Its capital, located along its southeastern coast, is Port Moresby. Papua New Guinea comprises of a solid main land mass and numerous small outlaying islands. To the north, PNG is bordered by the Bismark Sea.

PNG topography is among the most diverse in the world and comprises of everything from mountain ranges, rolling hills and valleys to snowy topped mountains, coral reefs and tropical islands. If you are seeking adventure and exploration then Papua New Guinea is a must.



papua new guinea
Discover the tribes of Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea offers some of the world’s greatest diving with untouched coral reefs and spectacular WW2 wrecks. Whether you are diving or snorkelling you’ll find yourself swimming over pristine corals and through clouds of colourful fish. If you are hoping to see something “special” then keep a keen eye out to the blue as all manner of pelagics cruise through from manta rays to whale sharks. This is an underwater realm which is still being discovered and to date is completely unrivalled.


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Dive and snorkel Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea is home to 38 of the 43 known species of Birds of Paradise so if you are hoping to bird watch, what better way than to sail around the archipelago, catching sightings of sea eagles along the way.

El Aleph charters to Papua New Guinea offer an unparalleled experience, discover this tropical paradise in luxury and move from location to location with ease and comfort. This is a trip of a lifetime for the discerning guests who board El Aleph.


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Explore Papua New Guinea by liveaboard


Your Papua New Guinea cruises can embark from Raja Ampat, with stops en-route to swim with the huge, tame whale sharks in Cendrawasih Bay or can begin directly at Port Moresby. Our aim is to go where you want to go, when you want to go. 

If you’d like to explore Papua New Guinea without giving up the comforts of home, we are here to make your dreams become a reality – Exploring remote destinations in luxury.