What to expect on a Komodo Island Liveaboard in Indonesia

Padar island surrounded by ocean and rugged with steep volcanic mountains and hills set against deep bays.

Komodo Island and the Komodo National Park is an ideal destination for exploring with a luxury cruise that enables you to see all that is on offer in this phenomenal UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Park comprises of three main islands; Flores, Rinca and Komodo Island, and 26 smaller islands. It is most famously known for its population of up to 5,000 pre-historic looking Komodo Dragons.

Where are the Komodo Islands?

The Komodo Islands are an archipelago located in the Lesser Sunda Islands region of the Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. The islands sit to the east of Bali and to the west of East Timor and they cover a total area of 1,733 km².

An Unforgettable Luxury Liveaboard Experience

El Aleph was built to be enjoyed by her owners and as such she is built to the highest and most demanding specifications possible. El Aleph has been beautifully handcrafted in 100-year old teak and ironwood and every feature has been thoughtfully incorporated to ensure a lavish design and layout unsurpassed by any other Phinisi schooner or luxury liveaboard in Indonesia.

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While enjoying your Komodo Island cruise, el Aleph’s galley and onboard chef will provide you with culinary creations worthy of (or surpassing) any 5-star restaurant. All dietary requirements and preferences can be catered for beautifully, using the finest quality ingredients available.

Sandy Komodo island's pink beach with clear waters and surrounded by hills.Pink Beach: a Truly Natural Wonder

One of the many highlights of this phenomenal destination is the famous Pink Beach of Komodo Island. As the name suggests, the sand on the Pink Beach is not white but instead it has a reddish-pink hue. It’s an impressive sight which is a natural phenomenon. The pink colouration comes from microscopic animals called Phoraminiphera that give red or pink pigmentation to hard corals. When corals are broken due to storm or wave damage, the broken fragments are washed ashore and over time they are broken down further through the process of erosion until they become flakes and grains. Those flakes and grains become combined with the sand, causing the beach to appear pink.

It’s not just the colour of the sand that is a highlight here. Just off Pink Beach is incredible scuba diving and snorkelling on a reef that is home to an abundance of marine life. After exploring underwater there’s nothing quite as surreal as swimming into Pink Beach to relax at the end.

A walking komodo dragon is sticking out its tongue on komodo island.Exploring the Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park was founded in 1980 to protect the world’s largest species of lizard, the Komodo Dragon. In 1991 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and conservation efforts have been extended to cover all aspects of marine and terrestrial life.

The Komodo National Park offers incredible scenery that changes throughout the year. During the dry season months, the islands appear arid and rugged, however, during periods of rainfall they rapidly turn into lush green islands, carpeted with dense vegetation.

Komodo Island is not the only island in the Park with Komodo Dragons, there is also a Komodo Dragon population to be found on Rinca Island. Komodo Dragons are the world’s largest living species of lizard reaching up to 3 meters in length. This region of Indonesia is the only place in the world where you can see these incredible creatures in the wild and it’s possible to join the park rangers to see the dragons in safety.

Red lion fish swimming around small fishes and coral reefs.Immerse Yourself in the Komodo Islands’ Stunning Aquatic Ecosystem.

Komodo is a world-class destination for both snorkellers and scuba divers. The park offers diverse dive and snorkelling sites which include everything from calm shallow bays, underwater sea mounts, pinnacles, sloping reefs, and drop offs.

Private Boat Charters

Discovering the Komodo National Park with a luxury cruise enables you to visit multiple islands, dive, and snorkel at some of the most remote sites, and el Aleph’s comfortable tender will take you to shore whenever you choose to explore. Cruising onboard el Aleph ensures you have the freedom to choose your own route, schedule, and itinerary – all while enjoying unsurpassed service and luxury.

Scuba Diving Komodo

World-class scuba diving awaits you in the Komodo National Park. This stunning Marine Protected Area is home to manta rays, black and white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, hawksbill sea turtles, and impressive biomass. The old adage of ‘more current, more fish’, has never been truer than in Komodo where currents sweep through the region bringing with them plankton and nutrient-rich waters. Komodo’s pinnacles and sea mounts attract marine life like metal to a magnet.


You don’t need to explore to great depths to be able to experience Komodo’s marine scene. There are countless shallow water reefs and coral gardens where snorkelers can enjoy up close encounters with all manner of marine life – including huge manta rays just beneath the surface.

A yacht cruise is sailing through the ocean.Why choose a Luxury Yacht for a Private and Remote Komodo Trip?

When exploring a region that is as unique as Komodo, why compromise on comfort or limit your opportunities to discover all that is on offer?

Cruising with el Aleph enables our discerning clientele to venture to some of the most remote corners of the marine park and beyond. Leave the land, and the other liveaboards, behind as you set sail for the adventure of a lifetime – all in complete luxury.

If you have a taste for adventure and don’t want to compromise on the finer things in life, then a bespoke cruise onboard el Aleph guarantees exemplary service, luxurious and spacious cabins, privacy, and of course – an incredible adventure from start to finish.


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