Sustainable Luxury Cruises in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Planning your next tropical cruise vacation? Do you want to cruise, relax and explore in luxury whilst minimizing your impact on the environment? Are you searching for sustainable luxury cruises allowing you to not just experience breathtaking natural beauty, but also to help preserve it?

El Aleph is a luxury cruise yacht originally built and still operating not as a commercial venture but as an owners’ boat (and now, a research vessel) based in beautiful Indonesia. Still under the same ownership and management after a decade of successful private cruising and charter, El Aleph offers unique charter opportunities for the fortunate few wishing to enjoy private and luxurious onboard facilities combined with exclusive service and minimal environmental impact. Read more about our sustainable luxury cruises in Indonesia here….


Raja Ampat luxury cruise
El Aleph’s sustainable luxury cruises in Raja Ampat allow you to discover this incredible region with minimal impact of the environment


Saying “No” to Single-Use Plastic

Aboard El Aleph you won’t find a trace of single-use plastics. To maintain our commitment to sustainable luxury we have sourced alternatives to ensure a plastic-free experience. Rather than plastic bottles we use re-useable drinking bottles, stylish glass straws add a touch of class to our cocktails and even the trash liners onboard are made from biodegradable natural cassava.

Our plastic reduction initiatives do not stop there, once onboard El Aleph you’ll find your very own reusable water bottle and dry bag. We hope that you will take these items home with you to remind others of how to reduce their own plastic use and preserve our oceans.


Coral Triangle Cruise
Indonesia lies in the Coral Triangle and El Aleph aims to help conserve and protect this incredible region


Ocean Fish, Not Reef Fish

Indonesian waters are teeming with fish. El Aleph serves sustainably caught, open ocean fish and does not take from the reef.  For those wishing to try their hand at deep sea fishing, we can arrange trips to areas outside of the national parks, where fishing is allowed.

Locally Sourced, Sustainable Produce

We recognize that we are in a unique position which enables us to interact with, and work with, local people from across the archipelago. When purchasing produce we aim to use the highest quality, locally sourced supplies to support Indonesian farmers. This means that dining onboard is an experience which is bursting with the freshest flavors of the tropics.


Turtle plastic bag
Plastic bags can be mistaken for jellyfish by turtles. El Aleph makes every effort to avoid single-use plastics


Coral Reef Aware Cruising

Our crew of experienced seamen have years – sometimes generations –  of sailing the waters around Indonesia; their local knowledge, combined with El Aleph’s advanced navigation technology means that they are able to maintain a safe distance from the coral reefs at all times. El Aleph never drops anchor in water less than 40 meters deep, and whenever possible, at least 60 meters. To protect the reefs from accidental damage El Aleph utilizes small tender boats to make trips to shore and to access the reefs for diving and snorkeling (see title image above).

Sustainable Waste Management

El Aleph strives to reduce waste, recycle and dispose of waste responsibly. All of our tin cans are recycled and waste is sorted prior to disposal onshore. El Aleph does not dump any solid waste materials into the ocean.


Sustainable luxury cruises
Indonesian waters are teeming with fish. El Aleph serves sustainably caught, open ocean fish and does not take from the reef


Marine Research and Collaboration

Our highly skilled crew, many of whom have been with us since our launch in 2009,  are passionate about the marine environments and we are involved in ongoing collaboration, gathering information about marine life and marine environments for experts seeking to better understand the conservation management needs in the Coral Triangle.

El Aleph contributes to marine research expeditions with Planet Deep and The Oceanic Society.  During these research cruises, El Aleph crew ensures that the fortune ate onboard scientists are looked after in traditional El Aleph style, luxury cabins, exquisite dining and full logistic support. This is, after all, what El Aleph does best. The findings from these expeditions give scientists a better understanding of cetacean migrations and behaviours in some of Indonesia’s least understood areas.

Planet Deep, is an Indonesian non-profit organization which enables scientific research through conservation tourism in the Coral Triangle – the global epicenter for marine biodiversity. Co-founders Benjamin Kahn and our cruise director Johannes Hennicke have scientific expertise and a wealth of knowledge concerning Indonesian waters – all of which they pass on to our team.


Sustainable luxury cruises
El Aleph’s collaboration with Planet Deep allows us to contribute to marine research and conservation


El Aleph’s collaboration with Planet Deep allows us to contribute to marine research and conservation benefiting cetaceans, oceanic mantas and the amazing gentle giants – the whale sharks.

El Aleph’s crew are the only liveaboard crew in Indonesia that have the benefit of working with these two cutting-edge conservation organizations, implementing the knowledge and skills that they have learned from the experts to ensure that you and your family enjoy a more meaningful cruising experience.

Indonesia offers some of the most pristine reefs and natural environments on Earth. It is one thing to enjoy these wonders of Mother Nature and another thing to feel as though you are contributing and giving back to the planet we call home.

So many regions of Indonesia are unexplored and there are marine species still waiting to be discovered. Research which leads to a better understanding of the environment leads to breakthroughs in science which can affect all of us on a day to day basis.

We are extremely excited about our upcoming collaborative initiatives with Planet Deep and we will be making announcements shortly!


Sustainable cruising
El Aleph supports local Indonesian farmers for the supply of locally grown, fresh produce


Carbon offset

At El Aleph we are constantly seeking new ways to develop our sustainable luxury cruises through modern technologies and initiatives. We are delighted to announce that we are looking forward to offsetting our carbon footprint on all cruises. We will post updates about our endeavors as they take place – this is an extremely exciting step towards becoming even more sustainable.


Raja Ampat luxury
Our Raja Ampat sustainable luxury cruises aim to preserve this phenomenal region of Indonesia


Experiencing Sustainable Luxury Cruising

Of course, this is just an overview of some of our conservation initiatives – it is impossible to list all of them here and to accurately portray the lengths which we go to in order to preserve the marine environments which we are so fortunate to cruise. We hope that everyone who cruises onboard El Aleph will take away a new appreciaton of marine environment conservation, and that with enhanced understanding they will enjoy an even more memorable cruise.

A private charter on board El Aleph assures you total luxury from start to finish and you’ll be able choose your cruising route to take in all that you wish to see. Our dedicated and experienced crew are there to ensure that your private charter is everything you dreamed of and more – whether you want a candle-lit dinner on a virgin, white sand beach or a family barbecue with cocktails under the stars – we’ll make it happen.


El Aleph cruising
El Aleph’s sustainable luxury cruises do not mean compromising on quality


El Aleph is fully equipped with sea kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, snorkeling and scuba diving equipment for all experience levels (including nitrox, rebreathers and even trimix for very advanced divers) – donut rings, wakeboards, and much more. Of course,  for those who prefer to cruise at a more relaxed pace there is nothing better than watching the lush tropical landscape and crystal clear waters pass by in this incredible region that really does take you off the grid – one of the world’s last unspoiled paradises.

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Please note that for your comfort, luxury and privacy we only take bookings for full charters only – we do not charter by cabin.


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