Discover the Raja Ampat Islands Onboard El Aleph

Are you planning your next tropical, luxury cruise destination? If so, then cruising the Raja Ampat Islands onboard El Aleph may be exactly what you are looking for. Raja Ampat is famed for hosting the most pristine coral reefs and diverse marine life on the planet. But that’s not all that this phenomenal region has to offer. For those who prefer to explore on land, Raja Ampat has no shortage of options.

The islands of Raja Ampat are still largely unexplored, remote and pristine which makes them that extra bit special. You’ll discover uninhabited island’s where you won’t find another person in sight – Raja Ampat is somewhere to escape tourism and feel a sense of adventure as you cruise and explore this stunning region of Indonesia.


Raja Ampat Islands
Seascape from the Piaynemo Island viewing point


Our El Aleph cruise team know the islands like they know the back of their hands and they know the unique spots for finding rare endemic species, the best viewing points, treks, villages and cultural experiences. A cruise on El Aleph is not just about being on the water – it’s about exploring the multitude of idyllic islands too – some of which even disappear at high tide.

Here are just a few of the options and highlights of cruising Raja Ampat…

Iconic Seascapes

Raja Ampat offers a myriad of stunning and idyllic tropical island views, one of the most famous of which is from the viewing point on the top of Piaynemo Island. Once arriving at this limestone pinnacle island there is a set of stairs heading straight up into the jungle and every single one of the 320 steps is worth it when you arrive at the peak.

From the summit you’ll have panoramic views of Raja Ampat’s iconic karst island seascape; small islands surrounded by a dozen shades of brilliant turquoise.


Pasir Timbul 
Pasir Timbul beach disappears at high tide


Pristine Islands

Pasir Timbul is a sand island in the middle of the ocean that can only be seen a few hours a day when the tide is low. Walking with the soft white sand in between your toes while surrounded by a gradient of crystal blue water is one of the numerous unique experiences which are on offer when you cruise Raja Ampat.


Bird Life and Sawinggrai

The village of Sawinggrai is one of many where you’ll meet friendly locals and watch as they go about their daily life, which has remained unchanged for generations. The area is also known for the iconic Cendrawasih Bird of Paradise. This is one of the only places on earth where you’ll find this species. Raja Ampat is a bird watching haven for bird enthusiasts and ornithologists with several Birds of Paradise and innumerable other rare and endemic species.


Birds of Raja Ampat
The Cendrawasih Bird of Paradise


The Local People of Raja Ampat

When cruising Raja Ampat on El Aleph there will be no shortage of opportunities to go to shore and meet the warm-hearted, friendly and often curious people from the islands. Almost everyone will greet you with a smile and a “Halo”, and the excited-to-see-you children love nothing more than to pose for photographs as you take a stroll around the small villages.


Raja Ampat Islands
Local children in Raja Ampat, Indonesia


Raja Ampat Underwater

For those of you want to take a look beneath the surface, you don’t need to be a scuba diver to enjoy the underwater world of the Raja Ampat islands. Some of the best sea life can be seen as you swim or snorkel from the beaches. You’ll be mesmerized by the vibrant coral reefs which are teeming with life and bursting with colour.


Scuba Diving the Raja Ampat Islands

El Aleph offers scuba diving in Raja Ampat and you’ll be guided by one of our experienced team. As you explore some of the most iconic dive sites in the world you’ll have the opportunity to encounter manta rays, numerous species of shark, dense schools of fish and some of Indonesia’s most unique marine life.


Snorkel Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat’s vibrant reefs can be seen by both snorkellers and scuba divers


Cruising the Raja Ampat Islands Onboard El Aleph

Of course, these are only a few of the highlights of cruising the Raja Ampat Islands – it is impossible to list them all here. A private charter onboard El Aleph assures you total luxury from start to finish and you’ll be able to choose your cruising route to take in all that you want to see. Our dedicated and experienced crew are there to ensure that your private charter is everything you dreamed of and more – whether you want a candlelit dinner on a virgin, white sand beach or a family barbecue with cocktails under the stars – we’ll make it happen.


Raja Ampat Cruise
Cruise Raja Ampat in luxury on board El Aleph


El Aleph is fully equipped with sea kayaks, snorkeling and scuba diving equipment, donut ring, bodyboard, water ski’s and more, so there is always plenty to do on board and in the water when you are not on shore. For those who want to take the cruise at a more relaxed pace, there is nothing better than watching the tropical landscape pass by in this incredible region that really does take you off the grid.

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Please note that for your comfort, luxury and privacy we only take bookings for full charters and not for private cabins.

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