Raja Ampat Diving Experience: Where the Indian & Pacific Oceans Meet

Big stones and forests surround the beautiful Raja Ampat islands ocean.

Raja Ampat sits on the cusp of both the Pacific and Indian Oceans – a marine bio-geographic epi-center. Discover a kaleidoscopic underwater world that is teeming with life when you experience Raja Ampat diving with el Aleph. You’ll explore some of the most pristine reefs on the planet and meet some of the world’s most impressive marine life – this is an adventure like no other!

Scuba Diving the Raja Ampat Islands

It’s hard to find a scuba diving magazine that doesn’t feature or extol the virtues of Raja Ampat diving. Raja Ampat is on the bucket list of seasoned divers from around the world – and for good reasons. This unique region has the highest known concentration and diversity of marine life on earth.

This is a region where whale sharks breed, manta rays dance, sperm whale migratory routes pass through, turtles lay eggs on the pristine white sand beaches, and jewel-like tropical fish glimmer beneath the surface. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by the sheer abundance of fish and the incredible marine biodiversity that is on display at every dive site.

Raja Ampat diving showcases numerous species of sharks and rays in addition to the whale sharks and mantas. Other species commonly spotted here include wobbegong sharks, black and white tip reef sharks, epaulette sharks, eagle rays, and huge marble rays. It’s not only the sharks and rays that impress, the reefs are adorned with tiny jewel-like reef fish, dense schools of silvery fish occupy the blue, and for those who prefer macro life, there is no shortage of intriguing critters such as pygmy seahorses, colorful nudibranch, harlequin and emperor shrimps, flamboyant cuttlefish, flasher wrasses, frogfish and everything in between.

For many divers, Raja Ampat is the final frontier of diving. Located in the East Indonesia/West Papua region of the coral triangle, Raja Ampat is also a top global priority for marine conservationists.

Indonesia Wobbegong shark surrounded by coral reef ecosystem.Raja Ampat Diving by Liveaboard

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Regency covers an area of 8,034 km² – so why wouldn’t you want to explore as much of it as possible? To fully realize all of the opportunities of Raja Ampat diving, it’s undeniable that the region is best explored from the water. Cruising Raja Ampat ensures that you see the most that you can when exploring this iconic destination.

The majority of liveaboards offering Raja Ampat diving have set schedules and itineraries which are planned up to 2 and often 3 years in advance. The route is set, the dive sites are planned, and divers follow a set schedule regarding diving times. Some of the larger liveaboards will cater to over 20 guests and have more than 14 cabins.

At el Aleph we firmly believe in offering a more intimate and exclusive yachting experience. Why would you want to share a vessel with someone you haven’t chosen to share your holiday with? You wouldn’t! Our cruising services are exemplary and you choose your schedule, route, and itinerary. You can dive when you choose to do so and our crew will ensure that your needs are not only met but anticipated in advance.

A white big Manta Ray on the deep sea.Raja Ampat Diving Resorts

Although esteemed Raja Ampat diving resorts, such as Misool Eco Resort, are now in existence, with a luxury yacht experience you are not limited to just one region of this exceptional destination. You don’t need to share your dining table with people that you have only just met, and you can enjoy quality time with your friends, family, and loved ones unhindered by the wants and needs of others. Onboard el Aleph, we don’t believe in compromise, we believe in providing you with the Raja Ampat diving experience that you, and only you, have been dreaming of.

If you would like to combine a resort stay with an el Aleph cruise we can accommodate your plans and arrange for you to embark, or disembark, at the resort of your choosing. Contact us for more information.

Beautiful sunset ocean for raja Ampat diving.When is the Best Time to Dive the Raja Ampat Islands?

Here at el Aleph, we are frequently asked when the best time to dive the Raja Ampat Islands is during the calendar year. One of the beauties of this region is that it is a year-round destination, however, there are marine life seasons so it may depend on what you are hoping to see.

One constant is the water temperature, which remains at a consistent 28°C-30°C throughout the year.


Indonesia’s weather patterns ensure that no matter what time of year you choose to enjoy Raja Ampat diving, you’ll experience tropical temperatures. For your comfort, all of el Aleph’s cabins are air-conditioned to guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep. Being out on deck also means enjoying the cooling sea and cruising breezes.

Indonesia has an equatorial climate which generally means a wet and dry season. However, in Raja Ampat, there are also very specific micro-climates that vary according to the proximity of an area to land masses and their elevation. We usually enjoy bright sunny days with occasional tropical rainfall showers consistently throughout the year.


For Raja Ampat diving, the season is generally considered to run from September through to the beginning of April as this is when the manta rays are present at the cleaning stations and enjoying the plankton-rich waters. However, the high levels of plankton can affect visibility. For the very calmest waters and best visibility, visit during the main diving season which is between November and March.


The summer months in Raja Ampat are windier, which can make the sea choppy on the surface, it does not interfere with diving. Cruising is rarely affected due to El Aleph’s unmatched stability and highest level of specifications to ensure the comfort you would expect when enjoying a luxury cruise.

Our experienced crew are experts at navigating the Raja Ampat Islands to provide you with the best possible cruising conditions – at any time of year.


If you have a taste for adventure and don’t want to compromise on the finer things in life, then a bespoke cruise onboard el Aleph guarantees exemplary service, luxurious and spacious cabins, privacy, and of course – an incredible adventure for start to finish.

For reservations or enquiries, please contact us using our contact form –  or email us at info@elalephcruising.com; and we will promptly reply.

Please note that we are not a yacht agency — your enquiries will be addressed directly by el Aleph’s owner. All of our charters are custom designed to suit your tastes and interests. For your comfort and privacy, we accept bookings for full boat charter only — not by the cabin.

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