Raja Ampat Cruise: Luxury Yacht Charter in Indonesia

Welcome to your exclusive Raja Ampat cruise experience on board the El Aleph luxury yacht.



Visit remote islands, swim in crystal clear water and discover an underwater world which is teeming with life and bursting with color. If you want magnificent nature, kilometres of pristine beaches for you and your family, exotic wildlife, tropical rain forests and clear skies alight with stars then a Raja Ampat cruise is your dream come true.

A Raja Ampat cruise on board El Aleph is an experience unlike any other. With the boat privately chartered you have the freedom to choose your own route, schedule and itinerary. El Aleph and her dedicated crew will take you where you want to go, when you want to go.

For families, El Aleph allows you to enjoy private time together which combined with Raja Ampat’s natural beauty and range of activities possible, makes Raja Ampat hard to beat as a luxury family cruise destination.



Raja Ampat is one of the most bio-diverse marine areas on earth and there is no better way to explore the area than on board our beautiful luxury yacht, El Aleph. This marine protected area is home to everything from manta rays, whale sharks, numerous species of reef sharks and turtles through to miniscule pygmy seahorses and clouds of tiny colorful reef fish. The pristine coral reefs of Raja Ampat are among the most abundant in the world with a huge variety of fish species as well as tightly packed, tornado looking schools. Whether you prefer to snorkel or scuba dive in Raja Ampat you’ll be mesmerized by the magical underwater world before your eyes.



When you are not in or under the water, you’ll enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Raja Ampat’s 1000’s of small islands and pinnacles. Your Raja Ampat cruise will take you through this incomparable area without another boat in sight. Soak up the sights, unwind, relax and experience a sense of being at one with the world around you.

For those who want a more active Raja Ampat cruise experience, sea kayaks are the perfect way to explore the narrow channels that run through the mangrove areas. As you silently glide through the jungle you’ll see the unique sight of the rainforest melting into the coral reef, occasional lazing lizards and even cuscus bears in the trees. Welcome to heaven on earth.



A trek into the lush jungle will reveal some of the world’s most spectacular birds of paradise in their natural habitat, numerous other endemic jungle dwelling species and exquisite flora.

Raja Ampat literally translates to the “Four Kings” which refers to the four largest islands in the area; Misool, Batanta, Waigeo and Salawati. These four islands are home to small villages and communities who have very few material possessions but who are extremely rich in happiness and culture. The local children play on the beaches without a care in the world and love to wave and smile when a rare boat passes by. The remainder of Raja Ampat is unpopulated with pristine white sand beaches and picture perfect tropical islands to explore.

Where is Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat is part of the West Papua province of Indonesia, situated to the North East of Papua New Guinea. Raja Ampat comprises over 1,500 islands and covers an area of 40,000km², all of which is with the Coral Triangle – the richest marine bio-diverse area on earth.

Suggested Route



We suggest starting your Raja Ampat cruise from Sorong harbour before circling through the stunningly beautiful Waisai and Misool island groups – diving and snorkelling in this unparalleled marine region along the way. Longer cruise charters could extend across to Sulawesi, the Banda Sea or Triton Bay – it’s all possible on board El Aleph. To experience the best of Raja Ampat we recommend cruising between November and April. All of our cruises are tailor made to fit your interests to ensure you have the cruise experience of a lifetime. To read a sample itinerary from El Aleph’s maiden voyage click here.

On Board El Aleph

El Aleph was built to be enjoyed by her owner who has a keen eye for detail, an appreciation of the finer things in life and who wanted a vessel which offered unprecedented luxury, space and comfort. As a result, El Aleph was built to the highest specifications possible, with no expense being spared. When we describe the living space on board as luxury, it’s not something we say lightly.



El Aleph has been beautifully handcrafted in 100-year old teak and ironwood, every feature has been thoughtfully incorporated to ensure a lavish design and layout unsurpassed by any other Phinisi schooner ever built. From the polished wood finish to the state-of-the-art electronics and navigation suite no aspect has been left to chance in ensuring your comfort, safety and enjoyment during your exclusive Raja Ampat cruise. For more detailed information about El Aleph, view our full vessel specifications.

To enquire about our rates and availability or to book your Raja Ampat cruise on board El Aleph please contact us on: info@elalephcruising.com.

Please note that to ensure your privacy and an exclusive experience we only offer full charters and do not take bookings for individual cabins.

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