Celebrating the end of lockdown – a Luxury Charter far from the crowds aboard El Aleph

A beautiful blue beach accompanied by palm trees is seen on a luxury cruise.


It has been a long, hard winter – but the sun is breaking through at last! As we cautiously emerge from our lockdowns, it is time to put it all behind us and enjoy the sun, the sea and the endless tropical horizons. But how to enjoy a well-deserved holiday in total safety – while avoiding the dread Corona Virus? What better way than by cruising with a luxury charter!

Our Commitment to Unparalleled Luxury & Personal Space

A private luxury yacht charter in Indonesia affords you total freedom to explore remote seascapes far from the crowds, with no other guests onboard – just yourself and your loved ones. The Indonesian seascapes are beautiful beyond description – and as an added bonus, our favourite cruising destinations are now totally empty. Uniquely, we can now offer you the Southern Seas with not another ship in sight.

A yacht cruising in the middle of the stunning Raja Ampat island's ocean.

El Aleph is a twin-masted Indonesian Phinishi motor sailing Yacht, combining centuries-old naval craftsmanship with state-of-the-art marine technologies. All in Ironwood and teak, without an inch of plastic, El Aleph’s elegant finishes – more reminiscent of a fine guitar than a boat– are the result of over 200,000 man-hours of labour by Bali’s finest carpenters and cabinet-makers.
Her lavish living areas and cabins are unsurpassed anywhere else in Indonesia and from the moment you step onboard for your luxury charter it’s hard not to be impressed by the ambiance of luxury which greets you and your guests.

Phinisi yachts are renowned for their stability and navigability – and El Aleph is no exception. El Aleph’s custom-designed steel masts and gaffs provide for safe and efficient sailing and every inch of El Aleph’s 40-meter length has been carefully considered to provide the ultimate cruising experience. Designed and still cruising as an owner’s yacht – not a commercial vessel – she has been in continuous operation under the original ownership and staffing since 2009. This year, beginning in early March 2020, the owner’s family spent more than three happy months aboard during lockdown – cruising the entire Indonesian archipelago after it became necessary to cancel our charters due to global travel restrictions – they are now back on land, and we are once again accepting a few guest bookings.

El Aleph cruise master cabin with comfy master bed, working table, and chair.
El Aleph’s 32 metre master cabin

Our 32m² en suite master cabin features a dressing room, large shower and blown glass sinks, as well as a private open-air terrace for afternoon drinks or evening star-gazing. Below, there are 4 additional 18m² guest cabins, beautifully appointed, also en suite and fully air-conditioned. A more compact 10m² nanny cabin -also en suite and air-con – has been thoughtfully included for those who are traveling with older children or staff.

El Aleph's bridge deck details.
El Aleph’s 32m master cabin with private terrace is located on the bridge deck

Our Crew: Zero Staff Rotation, Health Certificates & Minimal COVID Risk

Even at the most luxurious resorts, by necessity there will be some staff rotation, suppliers and deliveries come and go, and there is constant contact with the outside world – aboard El Aleph, on the other hand, supplies are loaded well in advance of your cruise, and our sailing crew never changes.

Wooden El Aleph luxury cabins with comfy bed and sofa.
One of El Aleph’s four 18m guest cabins

During the Covid crisis, we have kept very much to ourselves and the crew has remained aboard the ship, this year not return to their home villages for the annual holidays for fear of contamination. We have all been tested and retested for the virus, and before your arrival aboard not only will El Aleph have undergone a deep cleaning, but all crew will have been at sea for more than two weeks – an additional full quarantine. As we come out of the COVID period, there is no better time to make the most of the advantages of luxury charter yachts and luxury yacht charter vacations.

Uninhabited Locations

Indonesia is one of the world’s premiere cruising destinations – a tropical paradise with countless uninhabited islands, sand bars, and virgin white sand beaches. Magnificent coral reefs teaming with multicoloured fish, world-class diving, swimming, kayaking and snorkelling.

If you do wish to visit isolated local villages we will happily escort you, but if your post-COVID goal is to cruise Indonesian islands and explore this incredible archipelago without coming into contact with anyone other than your group, nothing could be easier!

Cruising Indonesia with a Luxury Charter

Indonesia has long been known as a seafaring nation with tens of thousands of kilometres of pristine coastlines and vast expanses of tropical sea just begging to be explored. If you are planning your next luxury charter and cruising adventure then Indonesia awaits you, avoiding the overcrowded ports and restaurants of the Mediterranean.

El Aleph is available for private charters only – offering the ultimate luxury adventure for a few discerning guests.

With her experienced crew with nearly 200 years cumulative sailing experience between them, you’ll be safe hands as you navigate through some of the world’s richest marine environments.

Raja Ampat is one of Indonesia’s most iconic destinations, known as the ‘last paradise on Earth’. El Aleph has been returning each year for more than a decade, and we are still discovering new treasures.

Phenomenal cruises to Indonesia and across the archipelago also include Komodo with the famous prehistoric Komodo dragons, the Banda Sea and the Forgotten Islands for diving with hammerheads, the mythical Spice Islands, and Alor for world-class snorkelling and diving.
Take a look at our Destinations Page for area overviews or our Blog Page for more detailed information. All of our charters are custom-designed according to your wants and needs – our experienced team is also on hand to assist you with planning and suggested itineraries.

Safety, Communications & Technical Equipment

Maybe you need to go off the grid and forget about the outside world for a while – many families are delighted to have some quality time together with their mobile phones safely stashed in their cabins – or perhaps you need to remain in contact with family, friends and business partners – the choice is yours!
El Aleph’s offers high-speed, broadband satellite internet – as well as a satellite phone, SSB, VHF, WiFi, and GPRS signal amplifiers – both for safety and to ensure you’ll always be able to stay in touch.

luxurious wooden compass in luxury cruise

Navigation technologies on board include Radar Furuno navigation with GPS, Colour Sounders, GPS, Compass RayMarine, C-map ChartNav. and a Back-up GPS plotter: Simrad).

Cruising safety is of paramount importance to us and El Aleph is fully compliant with marine safety regulations, conducting regular audits and drills. We carry fully serviced life rafts, 100 adult and 20 infant life jackets, flares and positioning systems – as well as 2 rigid inflatable tenders (“zodiacs”). View El Aleph’s full specifications here.

Onboard Activities & Dining

It’s time to kickback and enjoy your private cruise ship charter! Relaxing on the deck, sipping a drink while the forests and beaches drift by – or intensive sporting activities – the choice is yours!  El Aleph is well stocked with a range of ‘toys’ for children and adults:  sea kayaks, a wakeboard, body-board, fishing equipment, banana boat, water-skis, donut ring, stand up paddleboards as well as snorkeling and full scuba diving equipment.


Dream of diving or snorkeling with dolphins and manta rays, explore some of the world’s most iconic coral reefs? After a decade of cruising Indonesia our cruise director knows all the best dive and snorkelling sites. From absolute beginners to lifelong technical divers – we can bring you to the reef!

Three black Manta ray in the deep ocean.
Snorkel or scuba dive with manta rays in Raja Ampat

If you and your family have always wanted to learn to dive, this is the ideal opportunity. We have fully licensed instructors available to train and certify you to PADI standards.

Other Onboard Activities

Other onboard highlights include indoor lounge areas, an open deck with alfresco dining area, promenade deck, sun deck, forward sun deck, and a large lounge on the bowsprit.

For those who enjoy quiet relaxing cruises, there is no better way to end a day aboard than by watching the sunsink beneath the horizon, followed by some incredible stargazing on deck!

Fine Dining

After a day of exploring, El Aleph’s Chef’s culinary creations are an absolute treat. Our cuisine combines Asian and western flavours, using only the freshest of ingredients – we have a large cold room, so that fresh fruit and vegetables will be available from start to finish – just tell us what you like and we’ll be well-stocked. Evening dining is nothing short of what you would expect in a five-star hotel – we pride ourselves on el Aleph offering one of the best culinary cruises in Indonesia.

We can cater to every possible diet – from paleolithic meat and fat to pure vegan – with no compromise on flavour. It goes without saying that our head chef ensures that all food preparation follows strict hygiene procedures.

Why not enjoy an evening beach barbeque featuring the catch of the day on a remote white sand beach as the El Aleph crew jug-band serenades you with traditional Indonesian songs?

Beautiful Raja Ampat's beach night scenery is accompanied by tress and starts in the sky.
Raja Ampat’s night sky never fails to impress

No Need to Put Your Dreams on Hold…

If you are looking at luxury yachts for charter to satisfy your post COVID holiday aspirations, we are here to make it happen – with Indonesia open for travel, your dreams don’t have to be put on hold.

To enquire about our rates and availability or to book a cruise onboard El Aleph please contact us.

Please note that to ensure your privacy and an exclusive experience we only offer full charters and do not take bookings for individual cabins.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon.

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