Exploring the Komodo National Park and Flores

The Komodo National Park comprises three main islands; Komodo, Rica and Padar (and 26 other smaller islands). Flores is a neighbouring island and part of the same archipelago. These islands are packed with wilderness and promises of adventure. It’s like the land that time forgot and it’s in this magnificent area of Indonesia that you’ll find the largest pre-historic lizard on the planet – the Komodo Dragon. Take a private cruise on board El Aleph and you can island hop, dive, snorkel, explore pristine white sand beaches, trek rugged peaks for stunning vistas, visit local villages that haven’t changed since they first began, barbeque under the stars and experience some of the richest nature on earth.

Here are some suggested activities you might enjoy during a Komodo and Flores cruise on board El Aleph

  1. Meet the Komodo Dragons: These awe inspiring creatures can be seen on both Komodo and Rinca islands where there are trekking routes which can be explored with a ranger. Komodo Island is flatter than Rinca and offers easier trekking but less frequent dragon sightings as the island is bigger so they are spread over a wider area. It is also possible to see the dragons on the beaches from the water. We can approach to a safe distance away using one of our smaller motorized tender boats.

  1. Hike Padar Island for Sunset: Padar Island offers spectacular landscapes and sunsets. As we trek to the highest peak you’ll look down over the ocean and the low lying islands and beaches. The hike takes between 40 minutes to one hour and is absolutely worth it. This is a stunning photography vantage point.
  2. Visit the Pink Beach on Komodo Island: This pristine beach of pink sand is famous for its clear waters and beautiful snorkeling. The beach’s colour comes from the natural degradation of red corals in the area.

  1. Snorkel or Scuba Dive with Manta Rays: These huge majestic rays are one of the many marine highlights of the area. Manta rays can reach in excess of 5 meters across, are completely harmless and are one of the most graceful marine creatures on earth. Watch as they glide by, circle and dance together in these tropical waters.

  1. Visit Mesa Island: The people of Mesa Island are descendants of sea gypsies and they live in the same way as their ancestors. Catch a glimpse of their way of life as you see them drying sea cucumbers in the sun, children playing at the waters edge and bringing back their fresh catches of fish.

  1. Hike Gili Lawa Island: For incredible scenery and a birds eye view of the National Park this is a beautiful trek. Cool off afterwards with a swim or a snorkel in the clear blue waters below.
  2. Enjoy Being on Board a Real Life Pirate Ship: El Aleph is a handcrafted traditional Phinisi style vessel which to children, (big and small), resembles a pirate ship from legendary eras. The children in your group will love learning how she operates and taking a turn in the wheelhouse. There is nothing more stunning than watching El Aleph glide through these remote waters under full sail.

  1. Spend an Evening Star Gazing on Deck: With no other lights for miles around the skies above the Komodo National Park are simply incredible. Look out for shooting stars streaming across the overly packed star studded night sky.
  2. Visit Melo Village and Meet the Manggarai: The ethnic Mangarrai people of Melo Village live according to the ways of their ancestors and embrace sharing their culture with visitors. Watch as they perform age-old dances and ceremonies, prepare traditional foods and hand weave beautiful ikat fabrics.

  1. Enjoy Exclusive On Board Dining: One of the highlights of a private cruise on board El Aleph is the dining. Each meal is carefully prepared by our internationally trained chef and you’ll receive meals which would not be out of place in 5 star restaurants. All dietary requirements and special events can be catered for on board.

  1. Enjoy Being Out, On or Under the Water: El Alpeh is equipped with a wide range of water sports equipment which allows you to choose from any number of activities whenever you want to. Try sea kayaking through the mangroves, paddleboard the shore line, snorkel in clear lagoons, drift dive over coral reefs, waterski, wake board or even take an adrenalin pumping ride on a donut ring!
  2. Spend Quality Private Time With Loved Ones: Where ever you decide to cruise in Indonesia, on El Aleph you can be assured of absolute privacy and discretion. Choose your own itinerary and activities without having to compromise. Enjoy cruising in luxury while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore the Komodo National Park on board El Aleph and she’ll be your exclusive, luxury home away  from home while you cruise this unique destination. With the yacht fully chartered you will have the freedom to choose where you go, what you do and when you do it.

Our professional and experienced crew will ensure you have the level of privacy you desire and the trip of a lifetime. For more detailed information about El Aleph’s facilities and full vessel specifications click here .

If you are looking for an extended cruise and would like to explore more of Indonesia, Komodo cruises can easily be combined with the Banda Sea the Spice Islands and the Forgotten Islands or Raja Ampat.

To enquire about our rates and availability, or to book your Komodo adventure on board El Aleph please contact us on: info@elalephcruising.com

Please note that to ensure your privacy and an exclusive experience we only offer full charters and do not take bookings for individual cabins.


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