Exclusive Luxury Safari Cruises in Indonesia

Would you love to go on a safari but with a touch of luxury and away from the crowds? Are you looking for a unique holiday experience where you’ll witness incredible wildlife and scenery – and really get away from it all? A private yacht cruise around Indonesia will give you the amazing wildlife encounters you have been hoping for without tourists, without staying in impersonal hotels and without needing to fit into anyone else’s schedule.

Take a safari cruise on board El Aleph and you’ll sail in absolute comfort, with no one else aside from your chosen guests, and the itinerary and schedule are yours to choose. El Aleph’s experienced and discreet crew will be on hand to ensure that you do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

If you are a looking for an idyllic exclusive holiday cruise which brings you close to some of the world’s rarest and most incredible wildlife then Indonesia is a must. Imagine cruising through some of the most remote and stunning regions on earth, seeing animals in their natural habitats, exploring pristine reefs and rainforests, discovering virgin white sand beaches and making memories which will last a lifetime.

Here are some of the wildlife highlights that are possible in Indonesia when cruising on El Aleph:

Komodo Dragons in the Komodo National Park

Komodo dragons are the largest species of monitor lizard on the planet and they are endemic to the islands around Komodo. From one of El Aleph’s two small speedboats you’ll be able to watch these giant lizards from a close but safe distance on beaches where they congregate. There are also some areas where you can watch them feeding.


Tarsius Tarsier Primate in Sulawesi

The tarsier is the smallest primate on the planet and is found in both North and South Sulawesi. This tiny primate measures less than 14 cm, has huge eyes and can leap over 40 meters through the trees. The best time for spotting tarsiers is around sunset when they venture out to forage and hunt.

Crab-Eating Macaques in Bali

This small monkey species is common throughout Indonesia; however, the Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali is the most famous place for seeing them. There is a resident population in the monkey forest and it’s often possible to see mother’s carrying their tiny babies around with them.

Sea Turtles: All of Indonesia

One of the benefits of taking a safari by sea is that you also get to witness Indonesia’s incredible marine life too. Indonesia is home to 6 out of the 7 known species of marine turtles with the hawksbill turtle and green turtle being the two most frequently spotted species. It not unusual to see turtles from on board El Aleph while cruising as they regularly surface for air.

Moluccan King Parrots in the Maluku Islands

The Moluccan king parrot is a medium sized parrot which grows up to 35 – 43 cm in length and has a relatively small beak. The best regions for sightings are Maluku and Raja Ampat in West Papua (key areas being Ambon, Halmahera, Buru, Sulu islands and Salawati).  These beautiful birds are striking to see with their bright red and green plumage and long tails. Indonesia is home to some incredibly rare species of birds including birds of paradise. It’s also possible to have numerous daily sightings of sea eagles during your cruise.


Butterflies: All of Indonesia

Many naturalists have camped out in the rainforests of Indonesia because of the abundance of rare and unusual species of butterfly which inhabit them. Stepping ashore on the remote tropical islands of the Indonesian Archipelago will guarantee some beautiful sightings of numerous species.

Whales and Dolphins in the Banda Sea and Alor

Dolphins and whales can be spotted around all of Indonesia but for the best, and most frequent sightings we recommend Alor (Hyperlink to Alor Blog when we have the URL), and the Banda Sea (the Spice Islands and the Forgotten Islands). Indonesia is on the migratory route for several species of whales and home to numerous pods of dolphins.

Orang-utans in Kalimantan

Tanjung Putting National Park in Kalimantan is home to resident orang-utans. Visiting the area requires a river boat trip through the rainforest to the sanctuary where the orang-utans live in the wild. Clouded leopards, civets, Malaysian sun bears also live in the park along with mouse deer, sambar deer and wild cattle known as banteng.

Cuscus bears in Raja Ampat

There are several species of cuscus found in Raja Ampat, which are marsupials and part of the same genera as Australasian possums. They are shy, nocturnal creatures which are most often seen in the evenings. Despite their shyness they have been known to respond to food being left out for them if you are extremely calm and patient – and they are not spooked or scared away.

Indonesia is home to many more unique and endemic species than we can list here but one thing is for sure – whichever part of the archipelago you choose to cruise you’ll see incredible marine and wildlife along the way. Our knowledgeable crew know which species live in which areas and will be delighted to point creatures out to you – underwater, on the water, on land and even in the air.

If you are looking for a luxury cruise, private time with loved ones and a totally unique experience, contact us for more information about staying on board El Aleph. Her multi-million dollar custom-build, lavish finish, state of the art technology and highly trained hospitality team will ensure your expectations are not only met, but are exceeded by far.

For more detailed information about El Aleph, view our full vessel specifications.

Please note that to ensure your privacy and an exclusive experience we only offer full charters and do not take bookings for individual cabins.

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.

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