Indonesia’s Spice Islands Cruise

When you embark on a Spice Islands Cruise you will be embarking on the adventure of a life time. This is an experience like none other. Welcome aboard!

Enthralling Ashore Adventure

The Spice Islands offer stunning experiences for those who want to explore underwater and on land. Whether you are a scuba diver, snorkeler, or land lover, there is no shortage of experiences. Visiting the local villages gives an insight into the local way of life and be prepared for the children who will have the biggest of smiles and love to see their pictures on your phones!

World Class Snorkeling and Diving Experience

For scuba divers and snorkelers who experience a Spice Islands Cruise, this underwater realm is breathtaking. Imagine stuning coral reefs that are bursting with colour and teeming with life.

Marine Life Viewing and Beyond

No matter where you chose to cruise, a spice islands cruise won’t disappoint. You’ll be able to explore these incredible destinations:

Banda Sea

Cruise through Indonesia’s exotic Spice Islands in the Banda Sea and experience Indonesia’s rich culture, stunning scenery and incredible nature and marine life.

The Spice Islands are a remote archipelago in the Banda Sea which includes Ambon, Banda Neira, Run, Buru, Seram and numerous other tiny uninhabited islets. Back in the 16th century, spices such as cloves, mace and nutmeg were valuable commodities and they only grew on these islands – hence the name. The islands’ monopoly on these spices lasted until the 18th century.

For two centuries these islands were colonised by both the Portuguese and later by the Dutch and their forts still stand on some islands. Today these islands have been all but forgotten by most and what remains are idyllic islands, phenomenal nature (underwater and on land) and a complex web of intriguing cultures.

El Aleph will sail you through this unique area, going where you want, when you want and all in luxury and style. Explore pristine reefs, stroll on white sand beaches, stare in awe at volcanoes, fish for your dinner, trek to the peak of an island, enjoy privacy and time with your loved ones and revel in the natural beauty around you.

Visit the island of Banda Neira which was once a major source of nutmeg and mace production. Stroll past centuries old nutmeg trees and stately Dutch architecture and visit Fort Belgica which was built by the Portuguese to protect the spice trade. Nearby is the tiny nutmeg growing island of Run which was traded by the British for the Dutch Island  of New Amsterdam – which is now Manhatten.

While these islands were historically famous for their spices and stories of Buginese pirates, they are now known for having some of Indonesia’s most stunning coral reefs. The Banda Sea is home to steep, coral encrusted pinnacles which rise up from the depths and attract marine life like metal to a magnet. Cruising around the islands you’ll find no shortage of tranquil bays and calm lagoons which make for incredible snorkeling opportunities. Swim in the crystal clear tropical water and you’ll be amazed by the underwater world of colour and life below. A plethora of reef fishes dive in and out of the corals, lazing turtles rest on the reef and look out to the blue for some of the pelagics which this area is known for. Scuba divers who are keen to see some of Indonesia’s most unusual marine life will love Ambon Island where the sandy slopes are packed with unique critters.

Explore the tropical paradise islands of Lease. Barbeque on the powdery white sand beaches, trek through  the rainforest, look out for birds of paradise, swim in the lagoons, enjoy the remoteness and soak up the stunning vistas. This is a heaven on earth just waiting to be discovered.

Indonesia’s Spice Islands Cruise

However long you choose to cruise the Spice Islands, couples will appreciate the privacy on board, groups of friends or family will be able to reconnect and enjoy time together with a range of activities including paddle boarding, island trips, trekking, water sports (snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, wake boarding, sea kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving and even a donut ring), bird watching, wildlife discovery or just relaxing on deck and watching the islands glide by. Children will love the feeling of exploring a remote area on board a real life pirate ship and have the chance to learn how to sail such a magical vessel.

If you prefer to take your Indonesian Spice Islands Cruise experience at a more leisurely pace, soak up the sun, enjoy fine dining and watch your loved ones unwinding, smiling and laughing around you.

A private charter of El Aleph means you choose your itinerary and route. The Spice Islands can easily be combined with cruising other areas of Indonesia including Komodo, Raja Ampat or the Forgotten Islands for a complete Banda Sea adventure.

On Board El Aleph

El Aleph offers unprecedented luxury, space and comfort on board and if there was ever a floating 5 star hotel – it’s El Aleph. Our experienced crew are always on hand to meet whatever needs you may have whilst understanding the need for discretion and your desire for privacy while on board. Your needs will not only be met, they will be exceeded.

El Aleph is a beautifully hand crafted vessel, and much like a super yacht, her lavish design is unparalleled by any other private yacht of her type. She’ll be your exclusive, luxury home away from home while you explore this unique destination and beyond. For more detailed information about El Aleph, view our full vessel specifications.

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Please note that to ensure your privacy and an exclusive experience we only offer full charters and do not take bookings for individual cabins.

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.

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