Tech Diving Indonesia

For technical divers, Indonesia is a potential underwater paradise – but how to access it? The majority of tech diving is based around Bali, the Gili Islands and there are some facilities available in parts of Sulawesi. But these are not the best regions for exploring at depth! The limited services for tech diving Indonesia, particularly in Raja Ampat, the Banda Sea and Komodo are what inspired El Aleph’s owner to build a luxurious vessel that would access these areas with complete tech diving facilities on board.

Tech Diving Indonesia

The tech diving Indonesia scene is small and based around just a few areas. Indonesia is a huge archipelagic nation that has so much more to offer than Bali, Gili and North Sulawesi.

The best thing about tech diving Indonesia are the pristine coral reefs that continue down further than recreational dive limits allow for, and the waters are thriving with life at all depths. There is always a significant chance of running into the most wondrous creatures – whale sharks, mola mola, sharks, gigantic green turtles and much more!

A tech diving indonesia diver exploring the ocean in fins and black diving suit with diving tank.
Two tech diving indonesia divers in the ocean.

El Aleph and Tech Diving Indonesia

For those who want to venture into tech diving Indonesia, el Aleph is equipped with onboard compressors, aluminum dive tanks, Nitrox, Poseidon rebreathers and an onboard helium mixing facility.

Our crew are experienced in dealing with the needs of those who are tech diving Indonesia and ensure that tech divers voyaging with el Aleph visit the best dive sites with acutely aware surface support. We aim to provide exemplary dive services for both SCR and CCR rebreather divers as well as decompression divers in Indonesia.

Marine Life Highlights of Tech Diving Indonesia

Indonesian reefs boast over 500 species of coral, 10,000 species of invertebrates and sea plants and over 3,000 species of fish. They are home to 6 out of 7 of the World’s turtle species and form part of the migratory routes of over 30 species of marine mammals.

Indonesian waters also accommodate more than one third of all whale and dolphin species and support the most varied and abundant marine life on Earth. Tech divers in Indonesia can witness some incredible underwater action, from migrating hammerhead schools in the Banda Sea through to blue whales with calves and an array of pelagic predators hunting in the blue.

A female technical diver in a green diving suit is next to a big soft coral reef exploring the ocean.

The Best Regions for Tech Diving Indonesia

There is certainly no shortage of incredible options when you are trying to decide where to go technical diving in Indonesia. Here a few of our top picks:

Raja Ampat west Papua ocean is surrounded by hills with a boat in sight

Raja Ampat & Misool

Raja Ampat and the Misool region – including Misool Eco Resort’s no-take zone, are considered the jewel in the crown of marine exploration and biodiversity in Indonesia. This is the chance to explore the ocean like nowhere else on earth. Marine biomass is beyond belief with fish densely packed into schools, manta rays performing underwater ballets, and corals that are competing for space on the reefs that are awash with colour.

Raja Ampat was created for sea exploration, the vast region has so much to offer that it simply makes sense to cruise the region to maximize your tech diving opportunities. Our experienced team know the Raja Ampat islands like the back of their hands and are well versed in catering for tech divers in this phenomenal region.

A person is swimming beside a beautiful big underwater cliff.

Alor and the Savu Sea

Alor is a region for adventure, exploration and phenomenal tech diving. The constant flow of nutrient rich water results in spectacular coral reefs that are teeming with life and bursting with colour.

This off-the-beaten-path destination offers pristine coral reefs, steep walls, and sub-marine sea mounts – the tech diving in Alor is incredibly diverse. The highlights of diving in Alor are without doubt the cetaceans such as blue whales, sperm whales, melon-headed whales, bottle nose and spinner dolphins. The incredible marine species can be spotted as they migrate through, either heading north into the Banda Sea or south on their way towards the Antarctic.

For a longer technical diving cruise on board El Aleph, we can tailor make an itinerary that combines Alor and Komodo or the Banda Sea.

Banda islands Indonesia ocean surrounded by hills.

The Banda Sea

For tech divers, the Banda Sea is best known for sightings of migrating hammerhead sharks. Having the ability to dive for longer and deeper, gives technical divers even greater opportunities to watch this incredible sight.

Hammerheads aside, the Banda Sea offers some phenomenal wall dives and dramatic topography with corals extending down to over 100 meters. Tech diving in the Banda Sea is packed with opportunities for exciting exploration.

We tailor make all itineraries and it’s possible to combine parts of the Banda Sea with Raja Ampat for those who prefer a longer tech diving cruise experience.

Komodo island Indonesia with hills surrounding the ocean.

Komodo Marine Park

The Komodo Marine Park is not only a marine protected area, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and it’s beautifully positioned for scuba diving cruises. Best known for its population of over 5,500 Komodo dragons, Komodo is a world-class destination that features on many tech divers’ bucket lists when it comes to scuba diving Indonesia.

The islands that are in the park are rugged and wild – much like the diving. Think of thrilling drift dives with kaleidoscopic corals and an absolute mass of fish – that’s what awaits you in Komodo. Marine life comes in all shapes and sizes, from exquisite nudibranch through to reef sharks, manta rays and seasonal mola. For tech divers with a thirst for discovery, Komodo is an exhilarating adventure that is rich in sea life from start to finish.

Tech Diving Indonesia Aboard El Aleph

As Indonesia’s most lavish and exclusive phinisi yacht, our onboard service is nothing short of exemplary. Not only will your every need be taken care of, but they will also be anticipated before you even know you have them. Our tech diving services are no different – we will discuss your plans and requirements with you in advance to ensure that our dive deck is equipped with everything you need. Our service driven team are on standby and will ensure that your needs are not only met – they are exceeded.

Bespoke Itineraries

Unlike other liveaboards that have strict diving schedules, we understand that tech divers have very specific requirements and needs. We will cater to your timing requirements and our team will additionally always be on standby. This is your technical diving adventure in Indonesia, and we will make sure it happens as you want it to.

It’s not just your scheduling that you decide. If there are particular dive sites that you want to visit, we’ll seamlessly weave them into your cruising itinerary. If there are certain marine species that you’d like to see, we can ensure that you visit the sites where you have the best possible chances of an encounter.

If you have a taste for adventure and don’t want to compromise on the finer things in life, then a bespoke honeymoon cruise onboard el Aleph guarantees exemplary service, luxurious and spacious cabins, privacy, and of course – an incredible adventure from start to finish.

For reservations or enquiries, please contact us using our contact form – or email us at and we will promptly reply.