Women in the diving tank taking a picture of a sea turtle in Luxury Cruise Activities.


Indonesia is one of the world’s top scuba-diving destinations, and our cruise director has led hundreds of diving expeditions around Asia. From easy sites for families and beginners, to the more challenging high-current dives of Castle Rock, Alor, and Batu-Bolong, we can tailor the itinerary to your tastes and level of experience. Nitrox is available, and we have Poseidon rebreathers and helium aboard to trained rebreather divers. With two high-speed Hyperlion launches, El Aleph is fully equipped for scuba and snorkelling. Tanks, weights and air-fills are included in the base charter rate, and although most divers will prefer to bring their own gear, we can provide a limited quantity of equipment. Those who have not yet tried diving will probably find it far easier than they had imagined. If you are comfortable in the water, after a few days you will be diving like a dolphin. Our advice would be to do an introductory course in your home country, then come dive some of the world’s richest seas.

Snorkelling and Water Sports

Some of the best “dives” of my life have been with only a mask and snorkel – indeed, the snorkelling in Raja Ampat is better than 95% of the scuba dives almost anywhere else! Play with the giant mantas, drift over the coral reefs, swim through schools of sardines as the groupers and tunas feed – there is no need to be a certified scuba diver to enjoy the rich and varied marine life of the tropical seas. For those who prefer to move a bit faster, we have water skis and wake-boards, as well as banana-boats and towed rings for the kids.

Hiking, trekking and
volcano climbing

From the easy walk around Komodo Island to view the evil Komodo Dragons – the world’s largest land reptile which has reigned over his islands for 150 million years, to more challenging treks up volcanoes or into the Papuan rain forest, we will be delighted to organize land excursions, including to local fishing villages, pearl-farms, and caves; those inclined to take a relaxed view of life will enjoy the picnics and barbeques we can organize on desert island beaches.

Further insights