Papua New Guinea by liveaboard a voyage of discovery

Rich Culture in Papua New Guinea

A remote and still relatively undiscovered destination, Papua New Guinea is one of the few places left in the world where you can truly go off the radar. Whether you’re scuba diving or snorkeling over pristine reefs, searching for the elusive bird of paradise or going to shore to get to know some of the 750 tribes who call PNG their home, this promises to be a true voyage of discovery.

The mysterious archipelago of Papua New Guinea comprises about 600 small islands, has some 5,150 km of coastline and shares borders with Indonesia, Australia and the Solomon Islands.

As you cruise these marine life rich waters you’ll every so often pass small traditional villages on the shore– places with stilt-houses, where mysterious rituals are conducted in haus tambarans (spirit houses), where drummers beat complex rhythms on garamut drums, carved out of entire logs and adorned with animal head carvings, and where you can encounter men with scarring made to resemble crocodile skin – the sign of passing a coming-of-age ritual.

As well as being steeped in traditional life and culture, some of these remote villages are where the most remarkable art and carvings in the country are produced by master craftsmen.

Snorkeling Papua New Guinea

Snorkel and Dive Papua New Guinea:

Papua New Guinea is a world-class diving and snorkeling destination, with exceptional marine diversity, varied underwater topography of colourful reefs and splendid walls, a vast range of WWII wrecks to explore, and good visibility year-round. Rabaul in New Britain is particularly renowned for its wealth of wrecks; Kimbe Bay in West New Britain boasts a bewildering array of reef fish, while dive sites near Kavieng in New Ireland attract large pelagic life, such as rays, barracuda, grey sharks and turtles. Off the mainland, Milne Bay has some of PNG’s best wall dives and muck diving, while Madang is an all-rounder, with a proliferation of reef and wreck dives. Wherever you choose to cruise in this phenomenal region you’ll be able to experience an underwater tropical paradise every leg of the way from stunning wall dives through to snorkeling in crystal clear lagoons which are teeming with vibrant corals and jewel-like fish.

Scuba Diving papua New Guinea

Other marine life highlights of Papua New Guinea include dolphins, dugongs, whale pod sightings, manta rays and numerous species of sharks.

Papua New Guinea Birds of Paradise

Bird Watching in Papua New Guinea:

Papua New Guinea is world renowned for it’s vast array of bird species and the plumed beauties that most birdwatchers are particularly keen to see are the exotic birds of paradise.  There are over 700 species of bird in the region including 38 species of birds of paradise and related bower-birds. As well as terrestrial species you’ll see a plethora of sea birds while we cruise our way around the islands.

Wildlife in Papua New Guinea:

This region is home to a rich variety of Australasian marsupials, reptiles and butterflies (including the worlds largest butterfly species). Indigenous marsupials include tree kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, cuscus and spiny anteaters. Sea kayaking and paddle boarding are perfect ways to explore the shore lines and mangrove regions. As you glide silently through the waters you’ll be enamored with the diverse wildlife and bird life around you – as you experience nature as it was intended.

Papua New Guinea Birding

Cruise Papua New Guinea:

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