Raja Ampat

Possibly the world’s top destination for diving and snorkelling, Raja Ampat lies just off of Indonesia’s West Papua district; comprised of 1,500 islands, it is a true diver’s paradise with crystal clear waters, massive coral reefs, and the world’s greatest marine diversity. Still almost entirely unpopulated and quite remote, these islands offer stunning uninhabited beaches and idyllic islands to explore at leisure, the perfect setting for a Raja Ampat luxury cruise.

A private charter to Raja Ampat, Indonesia’s gem in the East, could begin in Sorong harbour, circling through the stunningly beautiful Waisai and Misool island groups, diving and snorkelling this unparalleled marine ecosystem. Non-divers will find the snorkelling spectacularly beautiful, better than 95% of the world’s dive sites. Longer luxury charters could extend across to Sulawesi or Papua New Guinea in the East.