Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, Indonesia’s neighbor towards the adventurous East, is a mystical world rich in culture, history and wildlife.

As remote as anyplace on earth, and with deep tribal roots, Papua New Guinea is today the most culturally diverse countries on earth with over 850 Indigenous languages. Vast, dense, tropical rain forest cover the Island’s mountainous interior, with unique tribal cultures and fauna. Papua New Guinea offers some of the world’s great diving with untouched coral reefs and spectacular WW2 wrecks.

Although far from other points on El Aleph’s usual destinations, longer charters to Papua New Guinea could begin in Raja Ampat, with stops along the route to swim with the huge, tame whale sharks, or could begin directly at Port Moresby. Please contact us to discuss to not just charter a boat in Papua New Guinea or Indonesia, but for a tailor-made cruise of a lifetime aboard your private luxury yacht El Aleph.