Banda Sea - Spice Islands

The Banda Sea stretches from Sulawesi in the west to Tual and on to Papua New Guinea in the East, Banda Sea itineraries can begin with cruising east from Sulawesi into the Savu Sea. Your private luxury yacht charter beginning in the center of the Banda Sea will take you to the remote Banda Islands, the centre of the spice trade – the foundations of the 16th Century Portuguese and then Dutch Empires in Indonesia.

Until the 19th century the Spice Islands were the world’s sole source of nutmeg and mace – then worth more gram-for-gram than gold, and were fiercely fought over for the spice trade. The remnants of the rich history of empire and the Spice Islands is seen in the charming Dutch colonial houses and crumbling forts of Banda Neira.

These islands offer adventure, deserted beaches and great diving amidst the striking volcanic islands and a true sense of isolation…a trip back into a bygone era.